Hello, my name is arlene!
I am a Biology undergrand at OSU with a pre-med emphasis. I am currently a nurse at OSUMC the James and my interest in plants has been primarily related to the medicinal uses. As a high school student I did a project on the history of medical treatments and found that a significant portion of medical treatments were based in plants. This had a twofold affect, it initiated my interest in the medical field, as well as my interest in the different qualities of plants besides simply aesthetics.

For my coat of arms I used the first symbol that I could think of which was an alchemical symbol that is a mirror of itself representing equality and balance in ourselves and nature. Additionally I threw in a EKG to represent my love for the medical field. I have spent a good amount of time with my dog exploring the parks in and around Columbus and am excited to continue exploring the plant life in and around where I live.